Psychic Eagle – Terms & Conditions

Offer & Acceptance

  1. No legal contract exists between the customer and the Psychic Eagle unless the buyer agrees to the terms of the sale.
  2. The customer accepts that the purpose of the psychic reading is for ‘entertainment purposes’ only.  The law recognises all forms of psychic consultancy as a form of ‘entertainment’.
  3. The customer accepts that any psychic reading provided by the Psychic Eagle is not a scientific practice; therefore, scientific results will not be provided.
  4. The prices displayed on the Psychic Eagle website will constitute the contractual offer; once payment has been made the customer has accepted this offer. A legally binding contract would then exist between the two parties.
  5. All services are sold in good faith in the eyes of God. If a customer has doubts or is sceptical about the services on offer: do not purchase a reading.

Religion and Spiritualism

  1. The customer accepts that the services provided by the Psychic Eagle are in fact a religious practice.
  2. Any legal attack on the Psychic Eagle’s religious practices would therefore constitute an attack on freedom of worship.
  3. The Psychic Eagle has the legal and moral right to receive monetary donations just like any other religious denomination.


  1. A customer must be at least 16 years old to purchase any service provided by the Psychic Eagle.
  2. A customer must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a face-to-face reading from the Psychic Eagle. If a customer looks younger than the age of 21; photo identification will be required.


  1. The customer accepts that refunds are only obtainable on physical products.
  2. A psychic reading is classed as a non-physical product; therefore, no refund can be provided.

Methods of Payment

  1. The customer accepts that the only two methods of payment available for telephone readings are the following: (a) PayPal, (b) Electronic Bank Transfer.

Privacy Policy

  1. The customer has accepted and fully understands the Psychic Eagle’s Privacy Policy.